Europe 40 Amazing Experiences 1st Edition, May

  • Kitabın Yazarı: Lonely Planet ,
  • Kitabın Kateqoriyaları: Coğrafiya , Xarici jurnalistika ,
  • Səhifə Sayı: 100
  • Buraxılış İli: 2013
  • Kitabı Satan: Lonely Planet
  • Kitabın Dili: İngilis dili

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Before these books were published, their authors - passionate, enthusiastic travelers - traveled tens of kilometers, laid hundreds of new tourist routes, visited thousands of hotels, restaurants, palaces, galleries, temples, collected information from the very heart of the country that can only be recognized in personal communication with the population of a particular region.

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Bütün Yazarlar

Meredith Broussard

Lawrence Sutin

Arthur Rimbaud

David Reich

Alexander Poleev

Lonely Planet

Margarita Blinova

Ichak Adizes

Larry Millett

Meir Shalev

David D. Burns

Ekaterina Mirimanova